Career development 

Studying and practicing different social psycho-physical movement forms since childhood. I primarily focused on individual work and for the past five years, I also teach different group classes (tango, yoga, BDK). I am dedicated to being analytic, honest and curious as a student and as a teacher.


What motivated You to practice yoga?

It all happened naturally, in a way effortless and this felt like home to me for as long as I have been aware of myself. I didn’t decide to teach it developed like this. I have always had my daily practice so people started asking me to share my practice individually, later I was invited to teach at my teacher’s school (both for tango and yoga). My motivation is sharing and learning.


What is Your life philosophy? 

I am working on this and it is one of my biggest challenges in life – it is my practice – everything in moderation in other words ”The middle way”.


What is Your favorite ritual?

No specific rituals, but I do have a very inherent need for morning silence. Keeping my mouth and mind mute with a minimum input of information (just taste and feel), for at least an hour after I wake up. I don’t do it religiously but out of pure need. I take this time to center myself and the last quarter of my silent morning I use for reflecting on what is coming up today, so I can move through my day in a connection to this. I guess I check my internal “inbox”. Oftentimes I put down some things I want to do throughout the day.


What motivates You to wake up every morning?

Alarm clock 😉 and another fresh day to love, learn, create and play.



Podeli sa prijateljima 🙂
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