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The various Chronologies of Legendary Rulers place a minimum date for the Age of the Gods as circa 10,000 BC. This is the timeframe Plato, in his Timaeus and Critias, ascribed the destruction of Atlantis. And it is also this date, as can be proven in modern scientific studies, that was highlighted by major climatic, geologic, and geomagnetic disturbances, accompanied by massive paleo-biological extinctions in the planet, marking the division point between the Ice Age and the Present Era.

In Egypt, geologists examining the fossil record have found that the combined effect of melting glaciers in the Mountains of the Moon, plus a sharp rise in precipitation levels in Central Africa, caused the Nile river, circa 10,000 BC, to swell in size a thousand-fold, eroding away cliff walls miles from its present banks, and washing out its entire valley throughout the length of Egypt. At the same time as the Mediterranean Sea began to fill and rise due to higher ocean levels from the melting northern glaciers, its waters for a brief period also flooded the lower Nile valley.

These, geologists are certain, are the last major flood events in Egypt’s fossil history, before the sea retreated and the Nile settled down to today’s relatively peaceful, winding flow. Yet, knowing this, geologists are hard pressed to explain why there existed a fourteen-foot layer of silt sediment around the base of the pyramid, a layer that also contained many seashells and the fossil of a sea cow, all of which were dated by radiocarbon methods to 11,600 BP (Before Present) plus or minus 300 years.

Legends and records likewise speak of the fact that, before the Arabs removed the pyramid’s outer casing stones, one could see water marks on the stones halfway up the pyramid’s height, at about the 240-foot level, which would be 400 feet above the present Nile level. The medieval Arab historian Al Biruni, writing in his treatise The Chronology of Ancient Nations, noted: “The Persians and the great mass of Magians relate that the inhabitants of the west, when they were warned by their sages, constructed buildings of the King and the Giza Pyramids. The traces of the water of the Deluge and the effects of the waves are still visible on these pyramids halfway up, above which the water did not rise.”



Furthermore, Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert (1993) in their book The Orion Mystery, made an excellent discovery that the pyramids of “Khufu”, “Khafre” and “Menkaure” were laid out in an image of the three stars of Orion’s Belt. They also claimed that four shafts discovered in the Great Pyramid have been pinpointing to the stars in Orion and Alpha constellations 2450 BC.

My thoughts on this are, since I believe the pyramids are much older that 4,500 years and if there was some purpose of the shafts pointing to those specific stars, it must have initially happened 26000 years before that. Why 26000 years? Because that is the amount of time for the precession to go through all twelve constellations in our sky (this is how horoscope was invented), i.e. for the Earth wobble to make the full circle and reposition itself.



You might think that I am talking wild now but considering the facts mentioned earlier about 12,500 years old seashells and sea cow found stack onto the base of the Great Pyramid, then 28,500 BC does not look so exaggerated. Especially, if you also take in consideration the recent revolutionary findings of Pyramids in Bosnia and organic artifacts found inside that are cca 43-45,000 years old.



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