devojka radi stoj na litici sa koje ima predivan pogled na reku

An interesting conversation came up on the topic of moving freely inside of a yoga class, and a comment motivating these thoughts was an opinion, that technical classes prevent freedom in movement.

But what is freedom in movement inside of a discipline?

I am sure there are as many definitions as there are people. To me, freedom in specific forms of movement is a consequence of technical work that liberates one’s range of motion through precise repetition integrating the entire being during the process.

My freedom is in a relationship with awareness and consciousness and all three of them require practice and result in spaciousness.

During my classes, I feel an urgency to bring main focus and attention on the technique, especially while teaching new or very specific movement. I have been married with the “how’s” throughout my entire movement development and I am continuously driven to answer the question of how for myself and others to best of my current ability because these answers opened new pathways to freedom for me.

As a teacher, I believe I have to be able not only demonstrate something, and certainly not only explain what I am doing in a sense of choreography, but also and most importantly, being able to give insights on how something is executed from inside out, from the inner body through the surface into space in the most efficient, protective and nourishing manner towards the bodies that we inhabit.

I was fortunate to study with many teachers that are precise and very creative with the technical gold they share, working with them helped me get even more marinated into the dedication of discovering the many layers of freedom.

So out of this responsibility and with the awareness of how much liberation it brings, out of the juicy ecstasy I experience it leads to, I am dedicated to teaching like this – always reminding on the technical aspect in the best way I am able to, until the skill is completely embodied and another road to freedom in movement is uncovered.

Another belief of mine is, that working like this keeps you grounded, brings you right where you are – here; where your body is –  while staying fully connected with the mind and simultaneously observant of the psychological state of being.

Some might argue that freedom in movement lies inside the actions that come »naturally« when moving outside of a structure, but what I have come to discover throughout teaching and studying is, that even when we have space to move without intention, sooner or later we fall into our internalized movement patterns. So is this than freedom?



Autor : Sanja Zalar Gostimirović

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